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  • Dr Kenton Dashiell addressing IITA Board members and researchers during the 2017 R4D Week in Ibadan

    At R4D Week, Dr Dashiell thumbs up IITA-CWMP for research and delivery

    In a 30-minute presentation to more than 300 researchers including members of the Board of Trustees of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Dr Kenton Dashiell acknowledged the efficient mechanism of the IITA-managed Cassava - Read more

    Cassava maize intercrop field treated with a pre-emergence at 10 weeks after planting.

    Weed control as a game changer to cassava production

    Research conducted by IITA Cassava Weed Management Project (IITA-CWMP) and partners has demonstrated that farmers can more than double cassava yield by switching to integrated weed management. Presenting the work done by the IITA-CWMP at - Read more

    Godwin Atser, Project C&KE Expert, Toye Ayankanmi, Project Research Associate and Representatives of Impact Radio.

    IITA-CWMP explores partnership with radio stations

    Impact Business Radio, the first business radio station in southwestern Nigeria, and the IITA Cassava Weed Management Project (IITA-CWMP) are discussing areas of possible collaboration with the view to scaling out the knowledge being generated - Read more

    Cassava-maize intercrop trial field

    Now, cassava farmers will worry less about weeds or weeding

    There are over 4.5million cassava farmers in Nigeria, and many more are willing to join, even at subsistence level. The reason for the choice of the root crop is not far-fetched: Cassava is a money - Read more

    Farmers during a farmer field day organised by the Cassava Weed Management Project

    The ABC of Weed Management in Cassava Production in Nigeria records impressive downloads from the website

    A training manual authored by researchers working under the IITA-Cassava Weed Management Project has been well received by farmers with more than 440 farmers downloading the publication from the web in the last one month. - Read more

    Farmers celebrating their cassava from a demonstration plot

    Improved weed control help farmers to record 27tons/ha from on-farm demonstration farms

    On-farm demonstrations in Ogun state, Nigeria under the IITA Cassava Weed Management Project have produced average yields of 27 tons per hectare surpassing the national average of about 8 tons/ha. The demos were conducted in - Read more